Make Money Online from Instagram

How to Make Money from Instagram in 2019?

Instagram is now widely used all over the world for entertainment and today, we are going to learn How to make money from Instagram.

Instagram has more than 1 billion users as of 2019, so with the big number of users, opportunity to earn is also big.

So here, I will tell you the best way to make money from Instagram in 2019.

Before going further let me tell you What about Instagram in brief.

What is Instagram?

Make Money Online from Instagram

Instagram is just like any other Social Media application where you can share your pictures, chat with anyone, post your image, go live or broadcast your video.

It uses a follow/unfollow model just like Twitter, on Instagram we can follow our favorite important, sport person, or anyone we want to.

Now without wasting any more time, let’s see How to make money from Instagram?

How to make money from Instagram?

There are various methods to Make Money from Instagram but In this blog, I will tell you a method that worked for me.

If it worked for me then, Why not you?

I have discussed this method stepwise below:

Before explaining, let me just brief the method for you.

First things first, you need to make a decent Instagram account.

Choose an appropriate username for the account and make a decent profile picture. Both of them depends on your niche.

Now, Increase the no. of followers on your account (explained below in the method), we will convert those followers into sales later.

Create a blog in a similar niche as your Instagram account, and link it to your account, to get more traffic on your blog.

So, If we conclude the above method more briefly, than basically what we have to do is become popular on Instagram and the get traffic on our blog from Instagram.

Follow/UnFollow Method

I am going to tell you How to Make Money from Instagram using the Follow/Unfollow Method.

In the Follow/UnFollow Method, basically what you have to do is Follow accounts and than Unfollow them.

Does this method sounds good? No?

Decide after reading the whole post, Internet Marketers and Instagram Experts have been doing this method for years and believe me it works.

So, without wasting anymore time let’s just dive into it.

1. Choosing a Niche

Firstl, you have to select a good and promising niche with good conversion.

If your niche is good then it will be easier for you to grow and sales would be easier too.

2. Follow and Analyze

Follow all the popular accounts and blogs in your niche.

Spend some time analyzing them like:

  • How often are they posting?
  • What are they posting?
  • Who are they targeting?
  • What are they selling?

Follow and analyze those accounts you will get an idea that what exactly you have to do.

Analyzing from the popular accounts give you the best idea to make your account popular.

3. Get Your Tools

Tools you need:

  • Tool to download pics from your competitor's account.
  • Bot for doing Follow/Unfollow method: You can do it manually too, if you are not going to do big scale.

For downloading the pics from your competitor’s account, you can just open any post that you want to download and copy the link, open and paste the link here and download.

Or if you want to mass-download the pics or post targeting someone’s account or some hashtags, download 4K Stogram.

4. Begin Posting

Your post should be interesting and engaging, as Instagram’s whole algorithm depends upon engagement, so the more engaging content you will post, the more it will convert.

Go through the top accounts in your niche and pick the best photos you can find. Your posts should be real gold, as content always matters.

Post the first ten posts immediately with three to four hashtags in each.

I recommend you to create an image album in your phone’s gallery

Save your image there, and you can post them whatever time suits you and your followers.

5. Follow Accounts That Are Following Accounts in your niche

Now that you have some content on your accounts you’re ready to get the ball rolling.

  • Go to top Instagram accounts in your niche.
  • Now, go to the follower list of those popular accounts.
  • And start following those personal accounts following those popular accounts.
  • Make sure to take some rest after following "X" no. of followers, to make it look natural.

Things to take care of before following those accounts:

  • Make sure that Accounts are not private.
  • Confirm those accounts have posted at least a single post in last 1 to 3 months.
  • Confirm they don't have more than 1000 followers.
  • And if those accounts engage with posts on their timeline, then it is much better.

All the steps above mentioned are not necessary but it would be better if you do so.

And after doing this most account will follow you back depending on your content, and this way you will get followers who are interested in your niche.

6. Unfollow Everybody You Just Followed

If you followed the 50 people and you are posting every hour for eight hour a day you can hit approx 6k followers in just 15 days.

When you reached that stage you can unfollow to all who you are following.

At this stage, you can post your golden content and very few people will unfollow you.

Make sure to unfollow more accounts than you follow, cause Instagram have a following limit of 7500 people.

So, unfollowing the accounts will make sure that you don’t reach the limit.

Things to take care of before Unfollowing those accounts:

  • Unfollow those accounts first, who don't follow you back.
  • Wait for about 5 days before unfollowing the accounts who follows you back.
  • It is not necessary to unfollow the account who engages with your posts, as you need engagement.

7. Earn Money from those Followers:

Now I am assuming that you have a decent number of followers and an engaging community.

Now, we will see How to earn money from that Instagram Account?

Here are the few methods on How to Make Money from Instagram Account:

How to Make Money from Instagram

> Blogging

As I already mentioned, you can create a blog in the same niche as your Instagram account and redirect your followers to your blog.

You can do so by posting blog link in your bio, posting in your story or posting about your blog in the timeline.

> Dropshipping

Dropshipping is already very vast topic, and I am not going to explaing all of that here.

You can do dropshipping and by selling goods to your followers, and make a lot of money.

> Selling Goods

Or instead of dropshipping you can produce and sell you own goods.

Doing this is maybe a lot of work like producing the product, than government issues and a lot and lot of work.

But the benefits of doing this outnumber the disadvantages.

Like the profit margin is very high in producing yourself, and you are independent to do whattever you want.

> Selling Shout-Outs

I wouldn’t recommend you doing so, until you don’t have investment for doing other methods, or you can’t do any method for any reason.

But still if you want to sell shout-out, there is no problem in doing that if done in proper manner.

Make sure that account to whom you are giving shout-out is in the same niche as yours.

Only give shout-out if you feel like you can do somethinf clever and make your shout-out look intersting.

Don’t force it on your followers, like it should not look like you are doing it for money.

So, above I wrote a step wise step method on How to grow your Instagram Account and How to Make Money from Instagram in 2019.

If you will follow this method in proper manner and add you own twist you can make money from this method very easily.

But, here is something more for MrMakeMoney readers today, A Bonus Method.

Instagram - Child & Mother Method

This method is so good and vast that this method need it’s own separate article.

So, Today here, I will share this method in brief with you.

And later, I will make a separate article on Instagram’s Child & Mother Method, explaining everything in detail.

Before starting you should know that Instagram – Child & Mother Method is not free like Follow/Unfollow Method.

Why this method is not free because you need few tools and thingfor this method, which need money.

I have mentioned those tools and things below but before that let me explain you the method in brief:

As the name says, this method depends on Child and Mother.

Child and Mother are your types of account.

Mother account is your main account which you will promote using you child accounts.

You would create many child accounts according to your budget.

So, First thing first create a main account from which you will make money, I have already told you How to a make a good account.

Now, create several other accounts, those accounts would be fan account of your main account and they are your child account.

Your child account would be in same niche as your main account.

Now, do Follow/UnFollow Method on those child account and grow you child account.

Post the link of your main account in bio and caption of your child account and DM the followers of your child account to follow your Main account.

In this way your main account will grow very fast, and your main account will be safe as your are not doing and Follow/Unfollow activity your main account.

That’s why I prefer Instagram Child & Mother Method over Follow/UnFollow because it is safe for your main money account.

So, Here are tools and things fow which you need investment.

Requirements for doing this Instagram Child & Mother Method:

  • Instagram Accounts

For doing Child & Mother Method, you need several accounts for creating child account.

  • Proxies

You need to proxies to control those account, as you cannot control all the accounts from same IP.

It should look like different person are managing those account from different locations.

Or else Instagram will ban those accounts, so proxies are most important part of the method.

  • Bots

You can’t control too many child Instagram accounts.

So there are so many automation bot available, which will mange those accounts for you.

So, these are the thing you need, for doing Child & Mother Method perfectly.


Above in the article, I wrote about the Child & Mother Method in brief.

And In my opinion it is better than Follow/Unfollow Method.

But there are few things that you should take care of before doing this method, or your accounts will get banned.

I will make a detailed article on Instagram Child & Mother Method, and will post the link here, so make sure to read that article before trying this method.

Or just enter your mail in the box below to get notified whenever I post that article.


The Follow/UnFollow Method that I talked about do not need any investment, but the Child & Mother method needs investment.

No, that is no method on internet that can guarantee you money.

As I have already mentioned, I have tried Follow/UnFollow method and it worked for me, and now I am working on Child & Mother method.

You need at least one month to see the results, and rest depends on you how you are doing this method.

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