Make Money Online from TikTok

make money online from tiktok

TikTok is emerging as one of the biggest video sharing platform popular among teens and today we will learn How to Make Money from TikTok.

TikTok is getting more than 500 million monthly active users from around the world, and with such a big user base, the opportunity to earn is also big.

So today, I will share the best method I know to make money from TikTok and don’t worry you don’t have to perform in front of the camera for it.

I will tell you something different from what everyone else tells you, but just so you don’t have to look anywhere else, I will tell every method (popular ones, and the one that I know).

Before starting, it is important to know What is TikTok?

What is TikTok?


TikTok is just like any other social media app, where you can create or share video as well as do live broadcasting. 

Most videos on TikTok are users dancing, singing, acting, lip – syncing, doing comedy and other videos within 15 seconds.

TikTok has gained more than 500 million monthly users across 150 different countries.

Now without wasting any more time, let’s see How to make money from TikTok?

How to make money from TikTok?

First, I am going to tell you methods in which you have to perform in front of the camera, and after that, those methods, in which you have to work from behind the screen.

Methods in which you have to perform

Now, in these methods, you have to perform in front of the camera and become popular on the TikTok, once you have a big audience and following you can start generating money from the platform.

Here is the guide on How To Get More Fans in TikTok by TechJunkie, it will help you to grow on TikTok.

This method is difficult and it takes time to grow but if you are looking for long-term income, then this is the best method.

Once you are popular on TikTok here are the different ways which are going to earn you money:

1. Brand Deals

TikTok has more than 500 million monthly users from more than 150 countries, and this big number attract more advertisers.

And with more advertisers you get more brand deals, and advertisers will pay you to talk about there brands in your videos.

Do you remember, back in 2014, When Vine was popular like TikTok, and  at that time brand were paying Vine for brand deals.

But the time has changed now, and Brands are spending more on Internet ads than before.

So, the chances of earning from brand deals are big now.

2. Selling Merch

Earning from the ads are the thing of past now.

Most popular social media influencers are selling their merch now, and earning more money from what ads pay them.

Merch stands for Merchandise, in which popular personalities sells personalized products like clothes, mugs, hats etc. to their fans.

And when you are big on TikTok you can also sell your own merch to your followers or fans, and make money.

Even you can start your own brand and sell to your fans and make even more money.

3. Cross Promoting

By Cross promoting I mean cross-promoting, your other social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

And when other social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have more follower than there are several ways to earn money from it.

Checkout Social Media section for learning, How to make money from Social Media.

After gaining followers on other platforms as well, you will be no longer dependent on TikTok.

In case, even if TikTok dies which I don’t think so is going to happen soon, but who knows since Vine died, you would be earning money from other platforms as well.

After being popular on other platforms as well, you would not have to look anywhere else, cause you would become brand in yourself.

4. Selling Shout-outs

Now, this is what other social media influencers have been doing for years, selling shoutouts.

Selling shoutouts is basically promoting other fellow TikTokers, Instagram pages or any other.

Q. How to do that?

A. You have to just post about them, and tell your followers to follow them, and they will pay according to your engagement and following.

Q. How to search for people for selling shoutouts?

A. You don’t have to, once would become popular, they would approach you themselves.

5. Starting your Blog

Now, starting your own blog and promoting it is a nice idea.

Start a blog in the same niche as your videos on WordPress.

And promote it on TikTok, If your blog becomes popular, you can make a lot of money.

This is all I know about How to Make Money from TikTok by performing in front of the camera.

But wait, you haven’t read the main method yet.

Here are my 2 cents on becoming popular on TikTok:

Either be too good, or too bad so that people just can’t stop themselves to share it, in easy words aim for viral content.

There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Now Let’s talk about the method in which you make money from TikTok without performing.

Method in which you don't have to perform

Now here, I am going to tell you the idea in brief.

The idea is old but still, can be used to generate a lot of money, just add your own twist and master it.

So here’s the deal,

Posting TikTok compilation on YouTube

Okay, let’s get back in 2014, when Vine was popular, and Vine and TikTok is basically the same thing.

It may sound like a meh idea, but believe me, if done properly, you can make grands out of this method.

Now open YouTube and search Vine compilation, and sort by View Count.

Take a look at views.

Maybe at the time of your reading this, TikTok compilation is already a thing, due to memes and I’m already Tracer thing.

But there is still time before it gets saturated, wait for next big and popular thing or meme on TikTok and start doing it.

Are you convinced, let me tell you how to do it?

This is no rocket science, sit straight and let me explain everything.


  • TikTok - Just download it from Google PlayStore or AppStore.
  • Video Editor
  • Laptop (Computer)
  • Youtube Account
  • and just a little brain, that's it.

So, Here we go, first thing first, Create a YouTube account and why only YouTube, create account on Facebook, Instagram or any other platform, that allows to share video.

Check your luck on every platform, you don’t know where it may shine.

Now create a good logo and cover pictures for your channel. 

I would recommend Canva for  making logos and other stuffs.

I am assuming, your channel is ready, now get back to TikTok.

Open TikTok and start downloading videos, they are just 15 seconds videos, so download more.

TikTok has inbuilt downloading feature, so you don’t have look anywhere else.

Now transfer the videos to computer or laptop if you are going to edit in computer, or just open the videos editor in your phone.

Now, make the compilation of all the videos together.

And, upload it on all the platforms.


Write a good title and description.

And spend some time on Thumbnail. Make it good, catchy, and clickbait.

Your thumbnail should be on point, no messing around with it, cause it is the first thing that everyone is going to see first.

Thumbnail should be even better than video, and aim for viral thumbnail.

So now your channel is ready, you have made video and uploaded it.

How to make money from TikTok & Youtube?

Make Money Online

It is 2018 and YouTube is stricter than ever before, so the chances of your channel getting monetized is 50/50, but in my case, I got monetized fortunately.

so, How would we make money if Youtube doesn’t monetize the channel?

Now, go back and read the first part, How to make money from TikTok?

Yes, you guessed it right

We will do:

  • Brand Deals
  • Sell Merch
  • Cross Promotion
  • Sell Shoutouts
  • And promote your blog

We have the traffic and we will make money from that traffic.

If you don’t like the above ideas, you can earn from affiliate marketing too:

These two are the king of affiliate world, get the product link from here and sell it to your audience.

That’s it, This is How to make money from TikTok.


Not necessarily, I have mentioned both methods, with and without performing.

It depends, if Youtube monetizes your channel then you will earn from Adsense too, but I have share other method to earn also.

No, this method is absolutely free to do.

It totally depends on you, like how often do you upload, is the video good or not.

No, obviously not, there is no money making method on internet with 100% success rate.

I already did this method and made thousands of dollar from it.

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